Why Atlanta Falcons made a mistake hiring Emery, Webster


If you’re an Atlanta Falcons fan, it has been a roller coaster effect during the last few years as season-after-season disappointment and failure become the memories of every year. Though the changes of the off-season may warrant that the front office is attempting to change a culture of disheartenment, these so called “adjustments” are nothing but smoke and mirrors of an organization unwilling to change.

Everyone knows the downfalls of Thomas Dimitroff as he has piloted a once budding franchise into the depths of the NFC South and the NFL. And, though there will always be a rallying cry of injury or fill-in-the-blank, these recent moves epitomizes what this team will be forever under the reign of Dimitroff.

These hirings should send shockwaves throughout this franchise as they are bringing in a losing mentality in Phil Emery and Ruston Webster who led the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans, respectively, into the dungeons of irrelevancy. And, if the same mentality is brought into an already struggling team, like the Falcons, this is a horrible move, and there should be an outcry from the fan base, calling the bluff of team ownership who are masking their dormancy with moves such of these.

The old adage “misery loves company” will surely be what can be said about Thomas Dimitroff as he has found his support staffers in men who were unable to win in all areas: the field, the locker room, scouting and drafting. There have only been a handful of success stories from the reigns of these men, and now they are given the keys to the team in these departments?

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These hires are a bad mistake. It’s as if as if Thomas Dimitroff was intoxicated and unable to drive, so he handed off the keys to the slightly less intoxicated friends, Emery and Webster that is making this an accident waiting to happen.

Hopefully, we are wrong in this point, but, at some point, it is time to call the bluff and see past the smoke and mirrors that are coming from this organization if you ever want to see the Atlanta Falcons return to the glimpses of brilliance in the past. But, more than likely-just like the drunk driving reference- this is going to wind up horribly bad for this organization.