Is the Pro Bowl the worst all-star game of them all?


The annual Pro Bowl is set to take place this Sunday but the premise of the game is constantly under fire and the viewership is way down.

Like the pro bowl, the MLB all-star game and NBA all-star game ratings are in a decline as well.

the 2015 MLB all-star game drew a record-low television rating after drawing just 10.9 million viewers. That’s important to note for the fact that the MLB all-star game is the highest-rated all-star competition of the four major North American pro sports leagues.

The Pro Bowl has fallen each of the past three years and will likely continue to drop unless major changes are put in place. the 2015 game brought in a measly 5.6 million viewers.

The 2015 NBA all-star game hauled in 7.7 million views which puts the pro bowl dead last amongst the three major North American sports.

Some wonder if the Pro bowl is going to die off in the next couple of years and it very well could. It’s not real football. Players aren’t tackling, they aren’t giving a lot of effort and that has turned the fans against it.

Some argue that they should turn the pro bowl into a skills competition and I agree.

Why not set up challenges amongst the positions, create two teams and let them battle it out. Nobody cares to watch a bunch of NFL players jog around a field and not put forth any real effort anymore. It’s getting old.

The only thing keeping fans interested is watching their own teams’ players play in the game. The Atlanta Falcons have four players in the game so of course I’m going to tune into the game to see how they perform, but I’m not excited about watching it.

Is the Pro bowl the worst of all of the all-star games? Absolutely. The NBA all-star game is still somewhat interesting with the amount of points they score and the MLB all-star game has home field advantage in the world series on the line but the pro bowl is just down right boring.

If major changes are not made in the next couple of years, there will not be a pro bowl anymore. Mark my words.