Atlanta Falcons: Is Julio Jones the Best Wide Receiver of All Time?


How does Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones stack up against the greatest of all time? What makes him such a powerful athlete?

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is unstoppable, no doubt about it. But is he the greatest of all time? On average, Julio Jones dropped 96.3 yards per game which is fantastic.

That statistic places him above the explosive Odell Beckham, Jr. of the New York Giants, A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals and Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course, the graphic provided by Pro Football Focus says “All Time”. Former San Francisco 49ers great Jerry Rice, Detroit Lions Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss and Green Bay Packers Don Hutson all fit the criteria of “All Time,” meaning Jones has surpassed them all thus far.

For Julio Jones to possibly surpass the greatness of the previous players is mind boggling. Especially knowing he’s got another eight years or so in the tank. For someone who has only played six years and in his prime, it definitely shows great potential for the future and where he stands in the leaderboard.

2015 Julio Jones was something that would be very hard to compete against. Almost 1900 yards is something most receivers cannot do. The statistic above is only a fraction worth of showing how dominant he is. Julio may be the most freakish athlete in the last 20-years.

A 6’3″ monster who has the full package is absolutely incredible. Falcon fans should be ecstatic about this stat, knowing Julio Jones will only get better. Those around him do not even compare to the level of dominance, greatness, speed, power, versatility, and talent Julio possesses. To conclude, Julio Jones is helping his chances to be known as the best wide receiver in NFL history.