Atlanta Falcons: 2017 Season Predictions

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 05: Matt Ryan /

The NFL season is just around the corner, so let’s predict the wins and losses for the Atlanta Falcons in 2017.

Week 1: @ Chicago Bears – WIN

The Falcons are the better than the Bears at virtually every position on paper, so this game looks to be an easy win for Atlanta. Chicago running back Jordan Howard could give the Falcons defense some trouble, but his efforts should not be enough to pull the Bears to victory.

Week 2: vs. Green Bay Packers – WIN

Many expect this matchup to be an offensive shoot-out, with Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers both putting up stellar numbers. However, in the 2016 NFC Championship, the Falcons defense was able to shut out the Packers for the entire first half. Green Bay will have trouble with their offense kept in check.

Week 3: @ Detroit Lions – WIN

The Lions have plenty of offensive talent, notably led by field general Matthew Stafford, but they simply don’t have the ability to keep up with the Atlanta offense.

Week 4: vs. Buffalo Bills – WIN

While extremely athletically gifted, Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor has yet to take his next developmental step forward. Also, the Buffalo defense, though having some young and talented players and a new defensive-minded head coach in Sean McDermott, is not ready to be tasked with stopping the explosive Atlanta offense.

Week 5: BYE

This bye week is not ideal, as most teams prefer a bye later in the season. Fatigue could be a factor in the Falcons’ play later in the year.

Week 6: vs. Miami Dolphins – WIN

The Dolphins surprised many with a playoff appearance this past season, but Miami doesn’t look up to beating the best offense in the NFL just yet. This game could be closer than expected, however, with the Dolphins having an under-the-radar talented offense.

Week 7: @ New England Patriots – LOSS

This prediction may upset Falcons fans, but it is at least fairly realistic. The Patriots are definitely one of the few teams in the NFL that can matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

Week 8: @ New York Jets – WIN

As of late, the Jets look to be a very unstable team, with incidents and unbelievable rumors stretching from the locker room to the front office. Unless major changes are made, the Falcons should have an easy victory in week eight.

Week 9: @ Carolina Panthers – WIN

The Panthers were a confusing team in 2016, following up their 2015 NFC Championship with a last place seat in the NFC South. Carolina has made improvements going into 2017, but the Falcons still look to be the better team. However, Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, and Christian McCaffrey could give the Atlanta defense trouble, so Falcons fans shouldn’t be overly confident in this game.

Week 10: vs. Dallas Cowboys – WIN

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot were an amazing rookie duo for the Dallas Cowboys in 2016, and they look ready to continue their trend of success in 2017. The Atlanta defense will have a tall order slowing down the dominant Dallas offense, but the Falcons offense should be able to move the ball and score enough to keep pressure off of the defense.

Week 11: @ Seattle Seahawks – WIN

The Seahawks boast an elite defense that controversially “got the better” of the Falcons offense in 2016. However, Atlanta got revenge in the 2016 NFC Divisional playoffs, giving Seattle a first-round playoff exit. Look for the Falcons to treat Week 11 like another playoff game.

Week 12: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – WIN

Many see the Buccaneers as the team trending upwards in the NFC South, though they are still several steps away from being an elite NFL team. Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston will give the Atlanta defense a headache, but home field advantage will be the difference in this game.

Week 13: vs. Minnesota Vikings – WIN

The success of the Vikings this season depends on quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s return. Minnesota still has a very good defense, so the Falcons might find this game closer than expected. Still, Atlanta is the better team and should win.

Week 14: vs. New Orleans Saints – WIN

While Saints quarterback Drew Brees seems to set passing records every season, the New Orleans defense leaves him with little support. This matchup might be an offensive shoot-out, but the Falcons offense has a major advantage in playing against the Saints defense.

Week 15: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – LOSS

If home-field advantage is the difference for the Falcons in Week 12, then it will be the difference for the Buccaneers in Week 15. This should be a close game and very fun to watch, but Atlanta might come up short.

Week 16: @ New Orleans Saints – WIN

The Superdome is always a tough place to play for the Falcons, but Atlanta will still be playing against the weak New Orleans defense.

Week 17: @ Carolina Panthers – WIN

The Falcons will be looking to finish the regular season strong and the Panthers might be fighting for a playoff spot or for playoff seeding in this game, so this match-up should be intense and hard-fought. Atlanta should come out on top however, as they played well against the NFC South in 2016 and know their rivals well.

2017 Regular Season Record Prediction: 14 – 2

This record might seem unreasonably high at first glance, but the Falcons have a fighting chance in every game on their schedule.