Jalen Collins: What’s Next?

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 03: Jalen Collins
HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 03: Jalen Collins /

What’s next for Atlanta Falcons cornerback Jalen Collins after two years in a row of suspension for violation of the NFL Substance Abuse Policy?

Atlanta Falcons Head coach Dan Quinn ends rumors that there will be a signing outside of the team by stating there’s is enough talent on the team now to compete despite the suspension of cornerback Jalen Collins. C.J. Goodwin or Blidi Wreh-Wilson will take over the third spot he once operated with Goodwin being the favorite.

Quinn said rookie Damontae Kazee will not be moving back to cornerback because of the progress he had made transitioning to free safety. However, he said that he would back up Ricardo Allen, meaning Damonate Kazee will not be starting but will have a strong role on special teams.

DQ also said that Collins broke one of the three team rules; Protect the Team, which will result in consequences. When asked if he will be cut, DQ said they will take time making their decision to start off his answer, and he never shot down the idea of cutting him.

You could tell Quinn was very frustrated with Collins. He made the player tell the team about what he did and Quinn made it clear during the press conference that it’s not his first time getting in trouble, because he had red flags coming out of LSU for different issues.

Quinn is most upset at the fact that he is going against what the Brotherhood truly is. I expect Jalen Collins to be let go sooner or later. Either way, I thinking letting him go would be the smartest.

Why waste a team reputation of having a healthy Brotherhood, and money for a player that doesn’t prove himself when available to play? He was torched during the Super Bowl and for a super power team like ours, we need as much post-season talent as possible.

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CJ Goodwin and Jalen Collins have very different body frames but Goodwin looks to have more potential and is definitely smarter with his career choices. Collins wasn’t great with man coverage, or zone ultimately, but he had potential if he was being smart. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. Wilson and Goodwin are both 27 years old, so we should be just fine if Collins does end up getting let go. We can also draft a cornerback in the first 3 rounds next year if necessary.