Atlanta Falcons: WR Mohamed Sanu Sr. Is All Talk

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Mohamed Sanu (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Mohamed Sanu (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu Sr. is all talk…”bean talk” that is.

If you keep up with Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu on social media, you are most likely familiar with his use of the term “bean talk”. If not, here are some examples:

When I first came across Sanu’s use of this term “bean talk”, I’ll admit, I was perplexed to say the least. Pondering it’s meaning and origin, I spent a good half an hour attempting figure out this mysteriously new, yet intriguing, term.

Literally, there I was thinking to myself, after seeing the term “bean talk” used via Sanu’s Twitter account for the first time…

“What does that mean?”. “Does it have to do with his (Sanu) being from New Jersey?” “Oh! perhaps it pertains to Freeman (Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman) being from an area known as “Pork & Beans?”. 

If I would have spent half has much time on college work as I did trying to figure out the meaning of “bean talk”, I probably wouldn’t have needed to spend those additional years completing my degree.

Certainly I couldn’t just reach out to Sanu via Twitter and ask him what it meant. No. There was no way I was going to be the one person out of his 260,000-plus Twitter followers that admitted to not knowing what “bean talk” means.

His other followers appeared to know what it was, so I kept my assumptions to myself and went along with it.

I cannot believe I am about to admit this and I am laughing as I think about it. My wife and I flew out to Chicago earlier this month for the Bears game in week one. We made Sanu a sign that referenced “bean talk”. He loved it. In fact, he came up to me after the game, shook my hand, gave me one of his game worn gloves, and said “bean talk”.

With the best poker face I could muster, so as to not appear unknowing or uncertain about the term’s meaning, I replied “bean talk”. I had no clue what I was saying.

So, what does “bean talk” mean?

Well, we appear to have some first-hand insight thanks to a recent Atlanta Falcons segment known as “Shoe Talk” featuring Mohamed Sanu and Atlanta Falcons Digital Content Producer Kelsey Conway. A portion of their recent segment conversation has been transcribed below (or click here to see the full interview):

"Kelsey Conway: “What does ‘bean talk’ mean?Mohamed Sanu: “It’s just a positive expression really. So definitely like the conversation we’re having right now, that’s ‘bean talk'”.Conway: “No, it’s actually ‘Shoe Talk”‘ (laughs)Sanu: “No, it’s really ‘bean talk’ though, because it’s on a ‘bean’. Like it’s positivity, if you like it and it’s a great conversation, that’s ‘bean talk’. Or say like right now my outfit’s ‘on a bean’. You know, I got the Joker cleats on with the red socks, um, ‘bean talk’ shirt. Got the ‘beansky’ hat. You know it’s just very subtle details, details matter.”"

There you have it. “Bean talk” is a “positive expression”.

Per Sanu himself, the term “bean talk” transcends topics. Sanu used the term to describe a great conversation, however he also utilized the term to describe his clothing. Regardless of the topic, “bean talk”, “beansky”, or “on a bean” is all about positivity.

So let’s see if I have learned enough about the term “bean talk” to properly utilize it according to Sanu’s definition…

Mohamed Sanu’s play this season has been on a bean and his route running is second only to beansky. He is one of the most dominate wide receivers in the NFL and that’s on a bean. Sanu is all about positivity both on and off the field, he’s all talk…bean talk that is.

I recently asked Sanu when “bean talk” attire will be available for purchase. He had this to say:

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Sanu, if you are reading this, the Hall’s would like to be the first to wear “bean talk” shirts here in Los Angeles before they are officially released. Can you have your people contact my people to make that happen? Bean.