Atlanta Falcons season ends in Philadelphia. Now what?


Atlanta Falcons are stopped short of their return to the Super Bowl. What will they need to do in order to make a Super Bowl run next season?

Despite grave challenges, the Atlanta Falcons managed to make it into the playoffs. However, the Dirty Birds were stopped short in their attempt to return to the Super Bowl.

On Saturday, the Falcons had every opportunity to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles. But, Atlanta’s offense struggled to find the end zone. Additionally, their defense committed one too many penalties and failed to tackle one too many times.

Despite the fact that Atlanta did not play their best on either side of the ball, this loss is on the offense. They simply failed to put points on the board, or at least provide the special teams unit with the opportunity to kick a field goal.

Albeit, the Eagles have a tough defensive front, if a team wants to make it do the big dance, they simply need to beat the players in front of them. No excuses.

Atlanta’s offense had the opportunity to win the game, but a questionable fourth down call led to an incomplete pass. And that was it. Game over. Season over.

The Falcons failed to beat Philadelphia. They failed to defend their NFC Championship. They failed to make it back to the Super Bowl.

Now what?

Well, for starters, some did not believe the Falcons would even make it this far. After losses to the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills at home, there were some questions and doubt surrounding the Atlanta Falcons. But, the Dirty Birds found a way to make it to the Divisional round of the playoffs.

The fact that they made it as far as they did this season is a sign of resiliency. But this team has some needs to address in order to have a better shot at the title next year.

Perhaps, this offseason, the Falcons will want to add to their young and fast defense. Atlanta found ways to get to the opposing quarterback, but certainly not in dominate fashion. With a solid secondary, the Falcons could benefit from more consistent pass rushers.

And offensive line play. This season, the offense was no where near as productive as they were in 2016. That is in part due to a new offensive coordinator, but also the addition of new starters on the offensive line.

The Falcons may benefit from acquiring an offensive guard or two through free agency and or the draft.

Lastly, Atlanta may need to consider adding to their receiver core. They may lose one or two receivers in free agency, so do not be surprised if the Falcons add a receiver in the draft.

Overall, the Falcons failed to reach the ultimate goal. But they are certainly capable of reaching the postseason next year, and possibly the Super Bowl.

Their new offensive coordinator has now worked through a full NFL season. So, with a year of experience, the hope is that he and the offense can gel even more come September 2018.

With the addition of some help along both the offensive and defensive line, as well as having had a year of experience working with new coordinators, the Falcons and Falcons fans have every reason to be excited.

Atlanta should be proud of their team. This team fought through a lot of adversity this season. The Falcons fans have a lot to be proud of and hopeful for.

Oh. And it should probably be mentioned that the Super Bowl will be played in Atlanta next year. So there is that.

One can only imagine…the Atlanta Falcons winning their first Super Bowl…in Atlanta.

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