Atlanta Falcons: Uniforms won’t change in 2018, but they should


Matthew Tabeek, the digital managing editor for the Atlanta Falcons official web page was asked about the team changing uniforms and said it’s a no go

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the Atlanta Falcons uniforms. It feels like they tried to get too modern with their early 2000s change and the result is a look that doesn’t pop like the old silver and black style of the 1990s.

While there are plenty who like the current look of the Falcons, there’s just as many — if not more — who want to see a change. That was echoed recently in a Straight from the Beek mailbag question on the team’s official web page.

Digital managing editor Matthew Tabeek fielded a question about whether or not the Falcons would be changing uniforms in 2018. Tabeek reiterated that he hears from fans often about the uniforms, but that a change is not in the works.

"I receive a ton of emails about the uniforms – and it’s no secret that the majority of Falcons fans would love to see the team change uniforms (and go back to some previous looks/color combinations). As of right now, I have not heard anything about uniforms changes for the 2018 season. So, no, there are no official plans to my knowledge. If you guys had to pick a favorite uniform combination, though, what would it be? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I have a feeling most of you are going to go with the black-black-silver look"

Atlanta was one of the few teams to get mixed up in the “over-detailed” uniform craze of the 2000s. The Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos were also teams that went overboard with their new looks during that time frame and came out with an arena-league looking jersey.

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The Falcons should surely get back to their roots and get into a uniform that suits them better. Join the conversation in the comment section and let us know what you believe. I still like the silver and black look mentioned in the Tabeek article. What do you say Falcons fans?