Falcons Recipe for Success this Season

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Looking back just two years ago, the Falcons were minutes away from claiming it all for it to only slip away in overtime. This season, let’s see if they have what it takes to become champions.

It was just two seasons ago we watched as the Atlanta Falcons be mere minutes away from bringing the Lombardi trophy home.  Unfortunately, their lead was slowly slipping away. The New England Patriots would go on to ultimately win in overtime and claim another Super Bowl victory.

Last season, the Falcons squeezed into the playoffs as the sixth seed after finishing third in the NFC South division behind the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints.  Their first game they would go on to defeat the Los Angeles Rams in the wildcard.  This led Atlanta to face the eventual Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

The first step for the Falcons to have a successful season is identifying their defense. Atlanta is young on this side of the ball, but also very talented as well.  For them to be successful on defense the Falcons need to basically pick up where they left off from last season.  Holding opponents from scoring will be critical. Some of Atlanta’s best defensive performances occured last season in the playoffs. For example, they held the Rams offense to just 13 points and in the divisional round, and held the Eagles to just 15.  Players such as Desmond Trufant, Devondre Campbell, Grady Jarrett, and Takk Mckinley are vital if this team wants to be team be successful.

Second of all, the Falcons need to get back to their winning ways, two seasons ago they had the highest scoring offense in the league averaging 34 points a game, also leading the league in averaging nearly 500 yards per game.  If the Falcons can get back to those ways of winning, they will be very successful this season and have another good chance of getting back to the Super Bowl.  I’m confident that Matt Ryan still has what it takes to make it happen.  He’s gotta eliminate certain mistakes and he’s gotta stay in the pocket and deliver.  Adding Calvin Ridley to an already elite group of receivers just makes it that much easier for Ryan to find an open man.

Third and finally the Falcons offense needs to live up to its potential. Having one of the best if not thee best offense in the entire league, the Falcons need to prove they have what it takes to finish games.  Starting games the last couple seasons, the Falcons had a tough time securing a big lead.  This season is where they need to step up and not allow scoring in the latter part of games.  This also goes for the defense too, being able to hold opponents back in these games will be a key part in their late game success.  Be on the lookout for this high flying offense this season, there’s something special here