Atlanta Falcons…You’re on the clock – Mock Draft 1.0

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3rd Round-79th Overall Pick

Most people would expect for the Falcons to move on from Vic Beasley. I’m one of the few that still has faith in Vic Beasley to put up the number he did a few years ago if the defense is great around him.

With the Falcons waiving Robert Alford, I expect for them to address the secondary in the third round to replace him. They have Brian Poole and Desmond Trufant but could look to add some help back there.

Secondary help would be great in the NFL South especially when you got to go up against Drew Brees twice a year and have to guard receivers like Mike Evans, Michael Thomas and emerging receiver DJ Moore.

Trayvon Mullen would be an excellent pick for the Falcons. He has the size to guard the bigger receivers and has some of the best ball skills you could have at the college level. He’s a physical guy which would help out that secondary with the lack of size they have.

For a cornerback, he is a great tackler which helps with taking on some of the bigger backs in the NFL. There are some improvements that need to be made but with experience, he should be able to iron out those wrinkles and become a great cornerback in the league.