Atlanta Falcons: Three Round Mock Draft

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Let’s face it, the Atlanta Falcons have too much talent on the team just to finish a disappointing 7-9. The 2019 NFL draft will go a long way in helping to build depth for another Super Bowl run. 

Injuries played a big part in the shortcomings of the 2018 NFL season, but there are areas of the team that need to be upgraded. The Atlanta Falcons did go out and sign some offensive lineman to shore up the depth in those positions, but is it really enough?

Their run defense was one of the best in the league, ranking 9th in total rushing yards allowed per game as well as tied for sixth in rushing touchdown allowed but we all knew what the problem was…the nonexistent pass rush that led to one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL.

The pass defense in Atlanta did no favors for the offense. They had the fourth worst defense passing yardage wise, third worst defense when it comes to passing touchdowns and was only able to get to the quarterback 39 times which ranked 22nd in the league. In this league, you have to get to the quarterback to make life easier for the secondary.

Those kinds of numbers won’t cut it if the Atlanta Falcons want to make it back to the big game. The offense is there but they need to protect their play-makers (talking about Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman) so they can make plays, and that pass defense needs to get it together and help out those corners and safeties.

Luckily for the Falcons, in the areas they need the most help in, there are plenty of young prospects that can step in and help the Atlanta Falcons alleviate some of these issues. The NFL draft. in my opinion, is pretty stacked this year and the right picks could easily put the Atlanta Falcons back on the right track.