Put some respect on Matt Ryan’s name


Matt Ryan is the best player in franchise history and yet if peruse any of the numerous Atlanta Falcons dedicated websites, you would think he is a draft bust holding the city hostage.

Noodle arm, overrated, garbage, can’t win with him, better off trading him…these are just a few of the daily things that Atlanta Falcons fans say about Matt Ryan. Yes – “fans”. Feel free to check our Facebook page and you will see all of these statements about Matt Ryan on any of our posts.

(Personally, this is mind blowing. During the nearly five years, I was on-air as a personality in Atlanta on the Falcons flagship station, I was known as the “Matt Ryan apologist” which never bothered me. I have the ability to critique and appreciate greatness in real time; this is why I do not hate Tom Brady either.)

Does anyone know where this hate actually comes from and why some “fans” continue with this nonsense? Matt Ryan has done more to elevate the Atlanta Falcons franchise during his first 11 years than any player, coach, owner or executive in the prior 42 years before his arrival.

During his 11 years as the starting QB:

  • Eight seasons of .500 or better
  • Seven winning seasons
  • Six playoff appearances
  • Three division titles
  • First QB to ever have back-to-back winning seasons
  • Three straight playoff appearances
  • Two NFC championship games
  • One Super Bowl
  • One NFL MVP Award

In the 42 years prior to Matt Ryan:

  • 12 seasons of .500 or better
  • Nine winning seasons
  • Eight playoff appearances
  • Four division titles
  • No back-to-back winning seasons
  • Never made playoffs in back-to-back years
  • Two NFC championship games
  • One Super Bowl

Matt Ryan has accomplished more in 11 years as the starting QB of the Atlanta Falcons then anyone did in the previous 42 years. We can also point out all of Matt Ryan’s NFL records – most consecutive 200 yard passing games, most yards in the first 10 years of a career, fastest to throw for 40 thousand yards, etc… and the excuses that come in from Matt Ryan haters is pathetically comical. Feel free to check out Matt Ryan’s Atlanta Falcons records here.

Sure you can point out he has had Roddy White and Julio Jones and say, that it is easy to be productive when you have had those guys. However, Roddy was not successful under previous QB’s and Julio has only ever had Matt. The argument can easily be Julio is elite because of Matt Ryan and there is literally no way to disprove that.

Matt Ryan turned Harry Douglas into a thousand yard WR and he gave Taylor Gabriel a career. For every knock you give Matt Ryan, there are several notches for him. Matt Ryan is a first ballot hall of fame QB who has had to elevate this franchise while being sacked on average 30 times a year and only five times during his 11 year career has Matt Ryan has a thousand yard rusher, which would make his job easier. Do we even need to talk about the fact that he has played behind one of the worst offensive lines for most of his career? I didn’t think so.

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There are throws and moments that make everyone scratch their heads and even Matt would agree, but he is the best QB and the best player this franchise has ever had and to spend more time thinking of derogatory reasons to hate him instead of appreciating his greatness is something I will never understand.

Some people just like to be miserable.