Atlanta Falcons went with substance not flash


Atlanta Falcons fans were waiting to erupt with joyful screams and excitement for the 2019 season and instead they uttered four letter words with disappointment at the 2019 draft party in Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Atlanta Falcons fans last night wanted flash. They wanted a name they knew, either a name that they had seen on television or a name that their favorite analysts had talked glowingly about. Instead, Falcons fans got substance.

Building a Super Bowl winning team is not just built with big sexy names and 9/10 guards are not going to be big sexy names. Super Bowl teams are built with players that are going to knock their opponent on their backsides for 60 minutes. Super Bowl teams are built with guys that can keep their QB from being hit 108 times in a season like Matt Ryan was in 2018.

Adding a player like Chris Lindstrom to this roster is everything fans have no idea that they want. Strong, physical, highly intelligent and mean. The Falcons got mean up front last night and that is not something that we have had up front in a long time. The Falcons added players with character traits that they have not had under Dan Quinn.

In a live reaction interview last night from Mercedes Benz a fan told Blogging Dirty that the Falcons have spent too much now on the offensive line. Is that possible? When your $150 million QB is hit 108 times in 16 games, shouldn’t you overreact?

Once the initial shock wears off, fans will like what the Falcons have done to start 2019. Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman will love what their general manager and head coach added to the Brotherhood.

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Remember, it was just four years ago, we booed the drafting of Keanu Neal and Deion Jones; this feels very similar to that night as well. Both of those guys have had stellar starts to their careers; working out well on the field and in the community.

Going with substance isn’t a bad thing.