2019 NFL Draft: Day 3 targets for the Atlanta Falcons

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The former Alabama player has NFL blood in his body. His dad is former NFL linebacker, Corey Miller. His career at Alabama did not go as he wanted it to as injuries played a huge part in Corey having to stay at Alabama for five years, including red-shirted in 2014.

Miller has the long athletic frame that would allow the Falcons S&C staff to add-on some much-needed bulk. A major weakness that Christian Miller is he needs to get stronger for the next level. He was given a 3-4 round status, this would be a very good pick for the Falcons and would allow them to add a much-needed edge rusher and add depth to a place that desperately needs it.

Another strength and reason the Falcons should give Christian Miller a strong look would be his fantastic sideline to sideline speed, especially for a guy that is 6’3 250 pounds. There have been times that Quinn has asked his edge rushers to drop back in coverage and this is something Miller could do well in the NFL.

If Christian Miller is still on the board at pick 137 in the fourth round, the Falcons should absolutely spend a pick and bring in a fast and physical guy from one of the best college football programs in America.