Atlanta Falcons fans have to see the bigger picture


The Atlanta Falcons took two much needed offensive lineman in the first round of the NFL draft a few weeks ago and it still is not sitting well with many that consider themselves die hard fans.

Michael Collins is our Editor at FanSided and a huge Atlanta Falcons fan. While he is being used as an example, our Facebook and twitter pages are filled with thousands of comments from fans that feel the same way he does.

What exactly will it take for Atlanta Falcons fans to consider this draft a success? Before you answer that, let’s ask this question instead – What are you basing your likes/dislikes on? The Falcons went out and drafted one of the best guards in the draft and then drafted the lone top tackle that was not considered also a guard or hurt.

Seems like they did well for themselves in that regard.

Putting together a winning Super Bowl team is not always going to make headlines or splashes. You must have guys that will get down and dirty and most of the time, those draft picks or those free agent signings do not move the meter in a way that drafting or signing skill guys do.

Culture has to also be considered; more often than not, it’s a gigantic piece that is often lost on fans. Culture is the glue that keeps players focused on the bigger goals and allows sacrificing oneself and selfish desires for the team. Not every player is capable of that and not every player wants to be a part of that. Think that is false, ask Giants fans about Odell Beckham Jr or the Steelers about Antonio Brown. Both are ridiculously talented both gave into selfish desires instead of putting the team first.

Two of the last three winners of the NFL’s Salute to Service award have gone to an Atlanta Falcons member; Dan Quinn in 2017 and former guard Ben Garland in 2019. Falcons team members are expected to care about more than themselves and several recently made a trip to the United States Military Academy in West Point. Being able to serve others is something that this franchise takes seriously, and the fan base must realize this aspect of it. Again, not every football player can make the sacrifices that it takes to be part of the “Brotherhood”.

Next. It’s time the Atlanta Falcons start caring for the average fan. dark

The Falcons got better two weeks ago during the draft and it won’t be long before everyone in the National Football League and the millions of fans worldwide realize it too.