Atlanta Falcons greatest years are under the guidance of Thomas Dimitroff

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  • Head coaches:                                                  3
  • Starting quarterbacks:                                   11
  • Wins:                                                                   72
  • Losses:                                                               88
  • Division Titles:                                                  1
  • Playoff appearances:                                      3
  • Playoff wins:                                                     2
  • Double-digit win seasons:                            2
  • NFC title game appearances:                       1
  • Super Bowl appearances:                             1

Crazy that the 1998 Super Bowl year with Chris Chandler and Jamal Anderson was 20 years ago. The hype around this team in the city was C-R-A-Z-Y. The birth of the “Dirty Birds” was exactly what this franchise needed, as we were getting ready to usher in a new century.

Jamal Anderson was the guy that Atlanta had been seeking for years. He was magical on the field and he was the Swiss army knife that showed this town how a durable and dependable running back could be used in the passing game. Fans could not wait to see Jamal hit the end zone and then the dirty bird dance. Had social media been around, there is little doubt that would have been a nationwide dance craze. Between SoSo Def and the Dirty Birds, Atlanta was firmly on everyone’s mind.

While 1998 was a magical year for the Atlanta Falcons, the rest of the decade was one to forget. Only 72 wins over decade, however, Dan Reeves was able to lead this team to a couple playoff appearances and built hope that maybe the best was yet to come. The two playoff wins that the Falcons had in 1998 were the first two in franchise history and would be the only ones until the 2000’s when the Falcons would make NFL history.

The 1990’s weren’t great, but the franchise sure seemed to be heading in the right direction.