Atlanta Falcons Most Intriguing Player Match-ups In 2019

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Some say it’s the most important position in football. Hence, why you have franchise quarterbacks but not really “franchise” other players. And the Falcons can expect to see two phases of quarterbacks this season.

Sure, you can break them down in mobile versus not. Or by style of play. But this one is simple. For a bulk of the games the Falcons will play this year, they’ll either face the future or veterans.

For a stretch of games, Atlanta will see the likes of Marcus Mariota, Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, and Jameis Winston.. All young guns. From first or second overall picks, to guys looking for their first major deal, they represent the future of quarterbacks in the league.

There are few glaring weaknesses in the quarterbacks the Falcons will face this season. Yes, Kyler Murray is unproven, and Jimmy G. is coming off a season ending ACL injury but each game will require focused attention on the man under center. And for this group, they are also special because they can change the game with their legs.

And for those sold that Murray won’t present a problem, the Falcons lost to a Lamar Jackson led team last year… at home.

But then there are the vets: Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, Andrew Luck and Kirk Cousins.  All these guys are battle tested and have faced the Falcons or been around the league long enough to know what to expect. Besides the last two, these quarterbacks have also played in or won a Super Bowl.

So yes, every quarterback match-up this year is intriguing for its own reason. Which if you’re a football fan, that should excite you.