Window is very much open for the Atlanta Falcons


Conventional career time lines no longer exist for modern day athletes and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is no exception.

The 2016 season really has Atlanta Falcons faithful stressed; specifically the second half of Super Bowl LI. No matter how many times someone says it is time to move on, there are still many that have not; despite what they say publicly.

Blogging Dirty contributor Justen Ransom wrote an article this week that said the window to win is closing. He could not be more wrong. Hell, every franchise thinks their window is just opening while every fan base thinks the window is closing.

The Atlanta Falcons are right in the middle of theirs and have time. However, as the old cliché goes, there is no time like the present.

The only reason the window would be closing is Matt Ryan’s age.

Conventional thought is his age. At 34, Matt is considered “old” by many fans. However, this logic goes back to athletes from long ago. Look at the state of NFL QB play because of modern medicine and science. The best quarterbacks in the league are damn near 40 or older. Matt Ryan has showed no signs of getting old; matter of fact he has gotten better each of the last few seasons, despite the offensive line in front of him.

Looking at quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers all are at least 18 months older than Matt and all have continued to play well into their 40’s, Brady and Brees. Even the second tier guys like Philip Rivers have continued to play at a level higher than the average starting NFL QB. Science breakthroughs on nutrition and performance have given players as well as the strength and conditioning staff a better understanding of how the body works. This of course, is allowing players to recover faster and play longer.

Matt Ryan still has several great years ahead of him leading this franchise. We have seen zero signs of him getting older or slowing down. Despite that, some fans want to label him as “noodle arm”, his play has not warranted that nor has his play reflected that. The ability to complete an 80-yard bomb is not what quarterbacks are judged on, nor will it ever be.

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Matt Ryan will continued to be judged on wins, touchdowns and turnovers. Except to see many of the first two in 2019.