Post draft free agents the Atlanta Falcons should target

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Ezekiel Ansah

If the Falcons want instant help with the pass rush, insert Ansah. The only knocks on Ansah is the fact he was injured this past season and he had a late start on the game of football (he started playing football in 2010.

The injury concerns wouldn’t bother me much because of the fact he could be a situational down rusher on that defense (remember, we want depth). In 80 career games, he has 48 career sacks and he played for defense in which he was the focal point and he was still able to make an impact.

Adding Ansah to this defense will make him more effective due to the fact he would not be the only person that opposing offenses would have to key on (Deion Jones, Grady Jarrett, Vic Beasley when he wants to act right.)

Adding a talent like this to a HEALTHY Falcons defense could work wonders. This is not the only addition I have for this defense; we will revisit them later.

UPDATE: Ansah signed with the Seahawks