Time for Atlanta Falcons to pay Grady Jarrett


The Atlanta Falcons are still attempting to negotiate a long-term deal with defensive tackle Grady Jarrett, is he worth the alleged asking price?

Log on to any Atlanta Falcons blog-site or fan chat room and chances are you will see an opinion (or a 100) on what fans think Grady Jarrett is worth, to them. Like everything else the opinion on Grady is based on nonsensical data. Data, that quite honestly no one can live up to.

He is not Aaron Donald.

No, he is not Aaron Donald and quite honestly, he does not have to be Aaron Donald. No one in the history of the NFL has done the things that Aaron Donald has in his first five years. Comparing anyone to Donald is downright foolish and utterly ridiculous.

What Grady Jarrett has been though, is simply the best defensive lineman the Falcons have had since John Abraham left after the 2012 NFL season. If we are being honest, we did not appreciate Abraham until he left either. Hell, imagine a player today netting 16.5 sacks and not making the pro-bowl.

One aspect that we relearn every year in the NFL is that the next man up resets the market and talent does not have to be comparable. That said, stop acting like Grady has been a slouch. Since his coming out party at Super Bowl LI, Grady has been one of the best defensive tackles in the National Football League and he should be paid accordingly.

According to Spotrac, Grady has a market value of six years and $93 million, which breaks down to just over $15.5 million a season. PFF had Grady grading out as the 11th best defender versus the run and fifth best grade in the NFL as a third down pass rusher and was one of six players to lead their team in QB pressures and run stops.

Not sure how a fifth year guy not named Aaron Donald can have a better start to their career. The Falcons understand the importance that Grady has to this city, this franchise, the defense and most importantly to the credibility of the defensive line. The Atlanta Falcons cannot afford to become known as the franchise that would rather let drafted players walk than pay them the contracts that they have earned.

Next. Regardless of production, Vic Beasley will not be with Atlanta Falcons in 2020. dark

Grady has earned this monster extension and it is time to pay him accordingly.