Arthur Blank shouldn’t worry about the Atlanta Falcons


Peter King of NBC Sports claims that Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is getting restless about the teams’ recent lack of success, but, this statement honestly makes no sense.

First off, this is ridiculous. Arthur Blank himself stated that this is not true. Blank stated that his comments were taken out of context. Blank simply wants the team to be great, something we all want for the Atlanta Falcons.

Secondly, King has the Atlanta Falcons ranked at seventeen in his post draft power rankings, which is baffling. How can a team that will be back at 100% with some new young talent and more depth be ranked in the middle of the pack?

The Atlanta Falcons made the Super Bowl just a short time ago and shut down the Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card round of the 2017 playoffs. They eventually lost to the future Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, but nobody was going to stop that team from winning the Super Bowl that year.

If it weren’t for the injuries last season on defense, there was a good chance the team could have sneaked in as a playoff team yet again and that was with a poor offensive line. The team won seven games with Duke Riley starting at middle linebacker for a stretch of the season, so a Falcons team that is fully healthy next season should be light years better.

The Atlanta Falcons, at least on paper, looked to have a great draft. They addressed issues along the offensive line, secondary and added some weapons to the team. Throughout the off-season the team has added depth to areas of the team that needed depth.

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Steps have been taken to make sure the 2019 Atlanta Falcons will be Super Bowl Champions. Everything points to a rebound year that will make Falcons fans believers in the team once again and will make Arthur Blank a happy man.