The Atlanta Falcons filter is better than the alternative


The “Atlanta Falcons filter” has been talked about in many respects over the last decade, it is time we all agree that the filter is a good thing.

News came out today that Dallas Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed, not charged, for knocking over a “security guard” at a music festival in Las Vegas. The video is out there and quite honestly, it is much ado over nothing.

However, there is a bigger issue at play with Elliot. His anger issues.

As a refresher, Elliott has appeared in more than a handful of police reports over the last five years. He was eventually suspended by the NFL for six games for domestic violence in 2017. He has never shown remorse for putting himself in situations where his name or actions could have affected others negatively.

Sure, there have been a handful of times when a Falcons player has had an off the field issue. Ra’Shede Hageman has had a couple, though the Falcons cut him. Jonathan Babineaux also had issues, but that has been it in regards to Falcons players embarrassing themselves, the franchise or the city.  Instead, the Falcons have repeatedly been recognized for their community service and have based the brotherhood on serving someone other than myself.

Could ignoring that filter have won the franchise a few more games? Possibly, but the question becomes at what cost? Better to do things the right way and win than to sell your beliefs for an extra win or two; regardless of how frustrating it has been to watch guys like Richie Incognito go elsewhere and have success for a couple more years.

Next. Players the Atlanta Falcons could lose and still win big. dark

We should be thankful that we have Julio and his contract problem and not a guy like Odell Beckham Jr who thinks it’s okay to head out on the love boat two thousand miles away during the playoffs. Better to have Mohamed Sanu than Antonio Brown who loved to broadcast in house issues to the world and creating a locker room problem and better to have a stable of running backs than guys like Le’Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott who only care for themselves and cannot understand what it means to sacrifice for the guy next to you.