The Atlanta Falcons Savior Backup Quarterback

Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan has been healthy for the most part during his career. He’s been Mr. Reliable, but it’s good know that if something were to happen, we have the ultimate backup quarterback, Matt Schaub.

Matt Schaub is one of the better backup quarterbacks in this league. The last time the Atlanta Falcons saw Schaub in any meaningful NFL action, he was throwing interceptions left and right for the Houston Texans and leading them to a 2-6 record.

The last time he was in an Atlanta Falcons uniform, he was backing up Michael Vick and had lost both his career starts at this time.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m not impressed nor am I excited about the fact that our insurance policy at quarterback is Matt Schaub. If we look around the NFL at other backups, Nick Foles is a Super Bowl winning quarterback (who is now the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars starter), hell even in our own division, the Saints have TWO solid backups they can use in various packages with Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater. We all saw what Ryan Fitzpatrick was doing when he stepped in for Jameis Winston.

Good teams have good backups quarterbacks to keep their teams performing at a high level and I’m telling you right now, if Ryan does go out for a long period of time, this season is doomed and jobs…. front office jobs will be gone.

The Falcons do not need to find a successor to Matt Ryan yet, but they could do a lot better that Schaub. The Falcons have only picked one quarterback (Sean Renfree) in the draft since 2008 when they drafted Matt Ryan. Put this into perspective, the Falcons have drafted the same number of quarterbacks as they have kickers in the draft.

Quarterback was never a glaring need for the Falcons, and  looking for another quarterback was never a priority, but this is something that needs to be looked at. Ryan has been hit enough over the course of his career and has been lucky with the injury bug, but how much longer do the Falcons expect for him to remain injury free especially behind this unproven shaky offensive line.

The Falcons have the weapons on offense to make any suitable quarterback look good, but the thing is, not all quarterbacks are good and Schaub is on that list.

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But hey who am I right? Let’s keep this up Falcons front office because Matt Schaub is our future and our savior.

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