How the Atlanta Falcons would look in a baseball lineup

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The NFL Draft is over and the NFL off-season has started to slow down. Let’s have a little fun to see how the Atlanta Falcons would look in a baseball lineup.

Atlanta Falcons training camp is still months away and there is not a lot of football related events happening. The big events happening right now are the NBA and NHL playoffs. Since the Hawks are not in the playoffs and Atlanta does not have a hockey team, most sports fans around Atlanta are invested into the Braves.

Starting off in the lead off spot it is smart for the Atlanta Falcons to have Calvin Ridley. Ridley would play in left field and, given his skill set, would be phenomenal on defense. He is also fast which is important for the lead off spot.

Batting second in the lineup is Julio Jones. Julio would play center field because he is an athletic freak that has an insane catch radius. Having a player as athletic as Julio would be insane to have in as your center fielder. Julio is also a superstar and most of the super stars in Major League Baseball bat second like Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, and Mookie Betts.

Deion Jones is going to bat third in the lineup as most teams also have stars in that spot including Freddie Freeman and Bryce Harper. Deion would thrive at shortstop because of his speed and agility.

The Falcons need a power hitter with their fourth spot and Keanu Neal would be perfect for this. Everyone knows how physical he is so if his skill set transition to baseball he would be a power hitter. On defense he would lineup at third base, as there is already enough speed in the outfield.

Completing the outfield would be Mohammed Sanu batting fifth and playing right field. Sanu would be perfect for right field as he played QB in college so he already has a strong-arm.

Batting sixth in the lineup would be Ricardo Allen. Most batters in Major League Baseball are either young players with potential or seasoned veterans that are not superstars. Allen is a seasoned veteran that is not a star but a leader on the field. He would play second base given his height.

Playing first base and batting seventh in the lineup is Austin Hooper. At first base, a team always needs someone tall as some players make wild throws to first base. At 6’4 Hooper gives them that height and catch radius.

Batting eighth in the lineup and catching is Alex Mack. Given the skill set for a center, catcher just seems like a perfect fit for Mack.

Batting ninth and pitching is none other than Matt Ryan. Starting pitchers always bat ninth but Ryan would be this team’s Ace. Ryan is a top 5 QB in football and given his arm he would be perfect for a pitcher.

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There are definitely multiple options for the Falcons in a baseball lineup. The strength to this team would be the outfield as Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Mohammed Sanu all have an incredible catch radius. Hopefully baseball season can fly by so football can start again.