Predicting Atlanta Falcons Rookie Madden Ratings

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Later in the fourth round the Atlanta Falcons traded up for DE John Cominsky with the 135th overall selection. Cominsky was from a small school so he does not have the popularity to boost his madden rating.

Last year the Rams selected DE John Franklin Myers with the 135th overall selection. His Madden 19 launch rating was a 67 overall. Since Cominsky and Myers are both defensive ends taken at the exact same spot, we should see Cominsky at a 67 overall. Just like Sheffield we could see his rating at a 57 overall instead based on the new rating system.

With the 152nd overall selection the Atlanta Falcons selected RB . Ollison is mostly going to be a role player with the Falcons as a power halfback. Last year the Titans selected CB Dane Cruikshank with the 152nd overall selection.

Majority of NFL fans do not know who Cruikshank is but he had a 71 overall rating for the Madden 19 launch rating. Since Ollison is going to be a role player his rating will likely be a 57-61 overall.

The Atlanta Falcons selected CB Jordan Miller with the 172nd overall pick. Miller is another interesting player to see where his ratings will be. Washington has produced many CB to the NFL in recent years so the name recognition will be there for his Madden rating.

However, calculating his Madden 20 rating is challenging because last year with the 172nd pick the Packers selected punter JK Scott from Alabama. Many people liked Scott at Alabama because the few times they actually punted the football it seemed the football traveled over sixty yards every time.

JK Scott’s Madden 19 launch rating was a 75 overall. Jordan Miller will not have a high a rating but will likely have the same rating as Kendall Sheffield. Miller and Sheffield are going to be important depth pieces for the team so they will not have a high rating. Expect a 66-67 overall rating for Miller but do not be surprised if it ends up being a 56-57 overall because of the new rating system.

The Atlanta Falcons selected WR Marcus Green with the 203rd overall pick. Green will likely have a lower rating, as he is not a popular name. Last year the Jaguars selected QB Tanner Lee with the 203rd overall pick.

Lee was not even in the video game for the Madden 19 launch ratings so we do not have a baseline for Marcus Green. Expect Green to have an overall between 50-55 because of the new rating system and for not having a lot of popularity.

The Madden ratings have always been a controversial topic surrounding the video game as many NFL fans think some ratings should be higher. Giving Madden credit despite the criticism from fans they have stuck with their formula.

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A new player rating system will be interesting to see what changes are made to the game. Based on the ratings from last year this gives us a general idea on the ratings for the Falcons rookies.