Deion Sanders is not the greatest Atlanta Falcons player of all time

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When you ask Falcons about their most memorable Deion moment, it was for a stunt he pulled and nothing to do with his game on the field.

If a person is going to be the greatest player in franchise history, you should remember many aspects of his games and not the stunts he pulled off the field. Of course, I am referring to the helicopter stunt to play in both a Falcons and Braves game on the same day; he did not play in the Braves game that evening. This was nothing more than a selfish stunt for Deion as he wanted as much light on him as possible.

Deion was always more concerned with his alter ego “Prime Time” and developing that while he was in Atlanta than he was trying to make the franchise a winner. In his five years with the Falcons, they had one playoff win. Side note: it was a great one versus the Saints in the 1991 Wild Card game.

Those early 90’s teams that Deion was part of overwhelmingly underachieved. Andre Rison, Mike Kenn, Jamie Dukes, Bill Fralic and Jessie Tuggle are just a few of the starters on this roster at that time. Deion could have done more to attract other NFL players to fill out the roster and more than anything been more of a team leader, instead, he wanted to make headlines for the wrong reasons and glorify himself.

Other than great soundbites and clips, what exactly did Deion do for the Atlanta Falcons that makes him the greatest of all time? As stated earlier there has to be something tangible to give a player that moniker and Deion never did.

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It is time we anoint someone actually worthy of being the great Atlanta Falcons player of all-time and not simply hand it to Deion. Jessie Tuggle gets my vote.