Vic Beasley talks day one of Atlanta Falcons mini camp


As the Atlanta Falcons opened up mandatory mini camp on Tuesday, all eyes have been on fifth year defensive end Vic Beasley Jr.

There were many highly upset Atlanta Falcons fans over the last few weeks when Beasley decided against showing up for voluntary organized team activities. Head coach Dan Quinn stated he was disappointed in the decision himself.

The thought process for most fans was simple, with nearly 13 million in guaranteed cash for 2019 and looking like a true bust after his first four years, he should have been there. Not everyone felt this way, but it is safe to say the majority did.

After Tuesday’s practice session, Beasley told the media a couple things that were interesting.

One, he stated that he wanted to work on his conditioning this off-season. Reports from local media are he has put on weight and looks to be in incredible shape. If we are being honest, being “in shape” and conditioned has never been an issue for Beasley. Going back to his days in college, he has always been a physical specimen and “in shape”.

Two, he stated that we “are going to see me playing my heart out”.

Does this mean that at times Beasley has not been playing up to the level he is capable? If so, why? A guy that was trusted and thought highly enough to be drafted that high, has unbelievable expectations cast upon them from the start and not every player is mentally ready for that. What about personal accountability? If Vic Beasley has not given his best on every down over the last four seasons, why this year – because it is a contract year?

The other side to that is maybe he is finally healthy, which he has not been in some time. Maybe he has finally taken to heart what people like Chuck Smith and Bryant Young have said for a long time and developed something other than his speed rush. Obviously, many variables and questions go with that statement.

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There is no question that Beasley has a lot on his plate this year and a lot to work for. Nothing would please the fans of Atlanta more for Beasley to finally live up to those lofty expectations of being a top 10 pick.