Roddy White among the 10 best WR’s from 2005-2015

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The Atlanta Falcons announced this week that former first round pick Roddy White would be inducted into the Ring of Honor. Where does Roddy rank among the wide receivers that played between 2005-2015?

On the onset, it is easy to dismiss just how good Roddy White actually was during his NFL career. Playing for a franchise like the Falcons, he was an afterthought for most fans and NFL media. Initially, some of you may take that as a slight to Atlanta and it is, but not for the reasons you may think.

We have all heard a million times how bad a sports town Atlanta is, which is ridiculous. However, that notion keeps our sports franchises and our elite players from getting the recognition they have earned. Roddy White and Matt Ryan are living tangible proof.

What if I told you Roddy White was among the Top 10 wide receivers in the league from 2005-2015? Would you believe me or would you shrug it off and consider that a “homer statement”?

Well, he was. Roddy White was a Top 10 wide receiver during his 11-year NFL career.

Think about that statement for a minute. Consider all the great wide outs that have taken the field over the last two decades. Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Wes Welker are just a few. Roddy White is among them.

Where exactly does he rank? Well, in order to provide you with that list, first we need to look at what factors we will use to determine the standings. For an NFL wide receiver, it is very simple; catches, yards, thousand yard seasons, touchdowns, Pro Bowl selections and All Pro designations. What we will not consider is team success – total wins, playoff wins or Super Bowl rings as those are team achievements.

When looking at all the wide receivers during Roddy’s career, they will fall into three categories

  1. End of their career
  2. Elite
  3. Top 5%

Where does Roddy fall among the entire group, let us look: