Atlanta Falcons make the right decision to shut down Julio


Call it a smart move or a no brainer, but the Atlanta Falcons made a good one. ESPN reported on Tuesday, that Julio Jones would be shut down for the entire preseason.

That’s the right move for both the Atlanta Falcons and Julio Jones. The length of the preseason only matters to players trying to make the roster cut; it’s a chance to get more on tape. The NFL of course, because who can turn down a chance to make money.

Atlanta Falcons
But for veterans, like Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, they have little to gain. Especially having to play five games after participating in the most pointless one of all, the Hall of Fame game. Too much is made about the need to develop chemistry. Jones has caught nearly every pass in his regular and postseason career from Ryan. /

The two have played together since 2011. They have gone against some of the top secondaries and the likes of Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson. All this to say, the chemistry is there.

Do you really think Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne would’ve been any less dynamic if they missed a few snaps in preseason? No.

Julio has eclipsed the 1,400 yard mark every year since 2014. That’s not only consistency, but it’s chemistry. The Falcons have also seen what can happen when the main guy on offense goes out due to a serious injury.

Shall we throw it back to Michael Vick’s broken leg against the Ravens? The team went five and 11 that year. Dan Quinn, Matt Ryan, and Arthur Blank can’t afford for that to happen. Quite frankly, neither can the city of Atlanta, who is starving for a championship.

And if you are worried about how this may affect Jones come week one against the Minnesota Vikings, well he said it best himself. Julio has not played in a preseason game since Week 3 of the 2017 NFL preseason.

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“I don’t need preseason to get ready.”

And he’s damn right.