Five Atlanta Falcons who should have a higher Madden Rating

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Matt Ryan

Madden has already disrespected (Insert Madden disrespects Matt Ryan article) by not making him a Superstar X-Factor. They disrespect him once again by having him as an 89 overall. Last season Ryan finished third in passing yards with 4,924 behind Ben Rothlisberger and Patrick Mahomes. He also tied for third with Russell Wilson in touchdown passes. Ryan had 35 touchdown passes only behind Patrick Mahomes and Andrew Luck.

At an 89 overall Ryan is the eighth ranked quarterback in Madden. The player rated above him are Patrick Mahomes (97 overall), Tom Brady (96 overall), Phillip Rivers (94 overall), Drew Brees (92 overall), Andrew Luck (92 overall), Russell Wilson (91 overall), and Aaron Rodgers (90 overall).

It is understandable Madden gives Brady and Brees a high overall because of past accomplishments even though they are not the same quarterbacks they used to be. It was the first time since 2005 Brees did not have a 4,000-yard season. Brees also had seven games in 2018 with under 220 passing yards. The media and many fans are in love with Mahomes after he threw fifty touchdowns last season. After that the other quarterbacks should be either the same or within a one-point difference.

Phillip Rivers had a great season last year. However, the Madden developers are out of their mind if they think Rivers should be five overall points higher than Matt Ryan. Rivers had 600 less yards and had less touchdowns than Ryan. The Chargers as a team had a better season than the Falcons, but not the quarterback.