The Atlanta Falcons will play twice in Miami during 2019


The Atlanta Falcons play in Florida at least once a year when they visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This year, they’re slated to face all three Florida teams- in Florida- in some fashion, the Dolphins and Jaguars in the preseason and the Buccaneers for the last game of the season.

As the Atlanta Falcons prepare for the Dolphins in their second preseason game, they need to take notes. They need to remember travel details, find their favorite restaurant, and make it their goal to play their first true preseason game and last game of the season in Miami,

After failing to reach Super Bowl 53 last year, when it was in Atlanta, all eyes shifted to Super Bowl 54. The road to Miami. Atlanta city officials handed off the baton, but the team should focus on going to get that baton,.

The Falcons have the talent to get to the big game, to achieve the ultimate prize. They have a franchise quarterback, the best receiver in the game, a Pro Bowl running back, a revamped offensive line and a young, healthy defense.

Dan Quinn has also assumed the position of defensive coordinator and brought back Dirk Koetter as offensive coordinator, with whom Matt Ryan has had great success.

Atlanta Falcons
We know preseason games are meaningless. The Falcons have lost their past nine. But this trip should be about more than winning a game. This should be their visit to a stadium locker room and a city where they hope to and can return. /

Visualizing goals is one thing. But to actually step foot on the turf where the Lombardi Trophy will be hosted is another. Not including the Hall of Fame game because it is beyond pointless, what better way to start and end the 2019-20 place than in South Beach.

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LeBron James had to go there to get his first, and Matt Ryan should take a page out of his book. So to the fans who may go down, to the team who has to go down, enjoy the weather now but the Falcons will be back in February.