Nine Atlanta Falcons to watch versus the Dolphins

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John Cominsky

Cominsky made his presence known early last week, both as a special team’s player and as a defensive tackle. Cominsky was a guy coming into the preseason that was the most intriguing not only because he was a Division II player but because he has only been a defensive lineman for a couple seasons and the Falcons talked up his abilities.

He will get a chance this week to show last week versus the Broncos was not a fluke. There have been a lot of comparisons made this week between Cominsky and former Falcons defensive end Patrick Kerney. If Cominsky can be 75% of what Kerney was while he suited up for the Falcons, Cominsky will be one of the steals in the 2019 draft.

Foyesade Oluokun

Oluokun had a tremendous rookie year stepping in for injuries to several starters last year. He got the start last week at LB and made an impact on all levels of the defense. He showed improved speed and a better ability to read and react to what was happening in front of him.

Not only did he look like the game was slowing down for him, but he also looked like he had more pop in his pads. There were a couple hits that caused the “oh” reaction. Oluokun looks like the real deal and will have another opportunity tonight to prove he is better than Duke Riley.

Jordan Miller

This kid was really impressive last week. His ball skills were very evident and he took opportunities to makes plays on the ball, just missing an interception. Since the Falcons already have one cornerback from Washington that struggles to complete the interception process, let’s hope this was a first NFL appearance jitters and he will be better on his next opportunity.

Miller is also making fans out of the veterans on the roster. Julio Jones told a story this week that he was a fan of the young corner after Miller approached him and said he wanted to cover him in practice in order to be the best corner possible. Hopefully that type of bravado will translate to plays on the field and provide depth in the secondary.