What if Matt Ryan retired early on the Falcons?

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The NFL world was turned upside down Saturday night with the news of Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement. Who would the Atlanta Falcons turn to should Matt Ryan make this same type of decision for his own career?

Let’s start this conversation by stating that there has been no indication from the Atlanta Falcons nor Matt Ryan that he is even contemplating that sort of franchise changing decision. However, with many players over the last several years leaving the game in their primes, this has to be a thought process for every general manager.

Like Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan is still a young guy. He too has made a lot of money playing the game of football and wants to be able to live life after the game. Both Luck and Ryan have young kids at home and the pull to be a father is one that affects each man differently. Players like Drew Brees and Tom Brady have been able to find a balance between career demands and what it takes to be a good father.

Again, Matt Ryan has not given any reason to believe that this is a decision that he near making, but no one but him ever knows.

When putting together this type of list, there has to be an immediate quarterback, trade option and draft plan. There are some names out there that are intriguing in all three categories that would be available to the Falcons should Matt Ryan make this type of decision in the near future.