What if Matt Ryan retired early on the Falcons?

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Obviously, this starts with the quarterbacks on the current roster, of which the Falcons have three. Regardless of who they immediately turn to, none of them are Matt Ryan.

Matt Schaub

Matt is the best of what Atlanta has and would have to keep the boat afloat during the transition phase. At age 38, he has the big game experience and understands what it takes to navigate a team and could direct the Falcons toward a playoff spot, but he is not taking this team to a Super Bowl like we saw Nick Foles accomplish as a backup quarterback.

Schaub had some really good years as a starting quarterback in the league and being a veteran on a team as young as the Falcons are is a really good attribute to have as the quarterback leading your franchise.

Matt Simms

No Thanks. There is no interest on any level in having this guy lead the Atlanta Falcons. Sure, he beat out Aaron Murray in a short-lived developmental league, but did you see him play? He was terrible. Nothing says dumpster fire like having a camp arm having to lead your franchise.

Danny Etling

Better option than Matt Simms but there is still no interest in having a quarterback who converted to wide receiver and then came back to quarterback directing this offense.

Honestly, Mohamed Sanu would make more sense than the other three.