What if Matt Ryan retired early on the Falcons?

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This is more along the route that Thomas Dimitroff would explore given the lack of talent among those that are free agents. There are quite a few intriguing options that the Falcons should explore.

Josh Rosen

The Miami Dolphins love what they are getting out of veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick during the preseason. While any fan that has paid attention over the last five seasons knows that eventually Fitzpatrick hits a wall and things turn ugly, the Falcons could take Rosen off the Dolphins hands for a relatively modest asking price.

Rosen is a kid that has a ton of talent and just needs the right franchise to provide him with a stable good home that can cultivate that talent. He is a competitor that forced the Cardinals to trade him after he looked general manager Steve Keim in the eyes and told him he would beat out Kyler Murray.

AJ McCarron

AJ McCarron has the talent to be the game manager the Falcons would need to keep the ship from capsizing should Matt Ryan decide to walk away. McCarron was surrounded by talent at Alabama and did a great job of spreading the ball around on the way to a couple national titles.

During his time in the NFL, he has played very well when on the field and was a highly sought after backup.

Ryan Tannehill

A cringe worthy name for sure but one that has NFL experience. When you look at quarterbacks like a Ryan Tannehill or a Colin Kapernick and take their stats as is, there is a lot that can be misleading as stats do not provide context whatsoever.

Tannehill was not surrounded with any talent in Miami and a lot of what he was left to do was improvise as the coaching staffs that he had to play under were horrendous. Should Matt Ryan decide to abruptly retire, this would not be a bad option to pursue.