What if Matt Ryan retired early on the Falcons?

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There are a ton of quarterbacks that will be available over the next couple of drafts. While the Falcons have no desire to change course from Super Bowl contender to rebuild, they would not have a lot of choice given the quarterback market and that lack of talent in the NFL.

Tua Tagovailoa – Alabama

Will be the top quarterback taken in 2020 should he declare early. Many believe he has the ability to be the next star in the NFL and the Falcons could make a Michael Vick esque trade to land the top pick should they need to.

Jake Fromm – Georgia

More than likely be a third round choice in 2020, again should be leave UGA early. More of a game manager than Tua, but could still be a guy you build around. Lacks in some of the tangibles that you want out of your starting NFL quarterback but a guy that the Falcons would not have to give up anything to draft.

Justin Herbert – Oregon

Many believe that with a strong showing in 2019 and a strong combine that he could challenge Tua for the top spot in the 2020 draft. While the comparisons to Andrew Luck have starting popping up, he reminds me of former Falcons quarterback Joey Harrington.

Trevor Lawrence – Clemson

The most elite of all college quarterbacks, generational talent. This is a kid you trade six first round picks for and then hit the free agent market hard to surround him with the best available talent. Could end up being the first ever half a billion dollar NFL quarterback.

There is no doubt that the Falcons would be in a world of trouble if Matt Ryan decided to abruptly leave the game in order to be a normal family man. Like Andrew luck, he has been hit a lot over his career and eventually players get tired of that type of abuse.

Unlike Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan has been able to stay healthy during his career and has never given the slightest sign that he is thinking about leaving the Falcons any time soon.

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Matt Ryan is good enough to play at a high level for another decade; here is to hoping he chooses to do just that.