Atlanta Falcons must weigh pros, cons of giving Carli Lloyd a look at kicker


As badly as the Atlanta Falcons need a real answer to their newfound kicking issues, Carli Lloyd may not be the right answer, at least not right now.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn told the media today that fans should not be worried about new kicker Blair Walsh missing four his nine attempts today at practice. Seems like the Falcons head coach already knows that there are kicking problems that need to be solved immediately and he wants to try and suppress the flames before the fire is uncontrollable.

There seems to be an answer that everyone wants to explore all the sudden – Carli Lloyd. We have been told many times by readers over the last week that the Falcons should reach out to her.

Last week there was video of female kicking sensation Carli Lloyd hitting a 32-yard field goal. There were no 6-foot-6, 300-pound lineman or 235-pound linebackers screaming towards her, and no real pressure to make the kick. The Eagles even stated that she hit a 55-yard attempt, though there was no actual video.

Being a pro athlete, Carli Lloyd, fully believes that she can be the first-ever female NFL kicker and be a pioneer for future women in the league, and truthfully, she just might be able to just that. However, that moment is not now and it could take years to get her fully prepared.

The Atlanta Falcons need a kicker now, not 2022.

There is no question that Carli Lloyd has the leg strength to kick field goals and she could develop the consistency needed to be an NFL kicker, but she has never kicked on the road in any of the NFL stadiums in the middle of winter with 85,000 fans screaming her direction, with defensive lineman or cornerbacks running at her as fast as they can.

Pressure, preparedness, and mental toughness. That is what makes kicking so hard.

Most kickers look great against air…hell, most quarterbacks look great against air. What separates those who make it and those that do not is how they perform under pressure, and Lloyd most certainly has never had to attempt a kick from 40 yards while trying to get the ball over players with 40-inch verticals.

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This isn’t to say Carli Lloyd cannot make it in the NFL or that she should not pursue an NFL career if that is her passion. But right now, it would be doubtful she is ready for the 2019 Falcons and that matters more than Atlanta being her “shot” this year.