Falcons fans need to chill with the Devonta Freeman hot takes


To say that Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman didn’t play so well would be an understatement.

There is still some rust on the running back who has played sparingly over this past year, but this is the kind of performance no one expected out of the former Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowler.

Against the Vikings, Devonta Freeman looked like a shell of himself, playing with some hesitancy. His numbers were far from great….well downright atrocious. His 19 yards rushing were third on the team behind Ito Smith…..and Matt Ryan. It seemed like every time he touched the ball bad things happened. Freeman even lost a fumble on today’s game.

He’s not the sole reason why the Falcons lost today but he did his part. There will be fans already calling for his head. They will be ready to say stuff like “trade him to San Diego for Melvin Gordon!!” or “Bench Him for Ito Smith!!”

This game was a tough pill to swallow for all of the Falcons fans but let’s be glad this kind of performance took place on the first game of the season. Yes, Freeman was a disappointment but let’s not dismiss him just like that. That Vikings defense was on one the whole game and that offensive line looks like it’s still in shambles.

With that being said, no one should expect Freeman to have another game like this for the rest of the season, not only because he can’t afford to (cause whispers to get louder when bad things happen) but because he’s too talented to have games like this on the regular.

Freeman will have another go at it next week against the Eagles, a team that the become sort of a rival for the Falcons. He will more help from the Falcons O-like a lot more than he received today because just like the Vikings, the Eagles have a stout defense.

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As long as he shows up and performs for the rest of the season, this game against the Vikings will be an afterthought.