Atlanta Falcons fans are tired of the talking

Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons.(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons.(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

Atlanta Falcons fans are tired of the Dan Quinn clichés and want the franchise to finally walk the walk.

For most of the last 53 years, the Falcons franchise has under performed, yet when we look at the current roster, there is more talent from top to bottom than most other franchises in the NFL, including the team that beat the Atlanta Falcons Sunday afternoon.

While fans can take to twitter, Facebook or chat rooms to vent their frustration, let’s go old school with an old fashion letter to head coach of the Falcons, Dan Quinn.

Dear Dan Quinn,

Falcons’ fans are over the nonsensical rhetoric after every loss. Your cliché speeches to the media and the fans are tired and something none of us are interested in hearing anymore. We have a cliché for you – put up or shut up.

All we have heard for the last five seasons is “we didn’t play our best”, “we will get better”, “the effort was unacceptable”, “we got out coached today and that is on me” but of course my new favorite one is “I’m pissed off”.

It is your job to put the best product on the field; players and coaches. Your hiring history of coaches reads like a Stephen King horror book at this point as you have had to hire and fire several new staff in your five years.

There is no question that you have forgotten more football than the average fan even knows, but the average fan can see you are wasting the prime careers of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. You have one of the most talented rosters in the National Football League and yet there is nothing to show for it other than two winning seasons and the worst loss in Super Bowl history.

At some point, the talking has to stop and the pads have to start bumping. It was not losing to the Vikings that have everyone upset, it is how the Falcons lost. From the very first whistle of the game, the Falcons looked lost and ill-prepared. You had several months to prepare for that one opponent and that was the result. Are you going to be able to have this team prepared to play week in and week out on only three days of practice?

Personnel decisions are not easy, but if you are truly “pissed off” there are some difficult decisions that you have to make as the head coach of this franchise to get this thing turned around and you only have four more days to make them.

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We have had 65 games of your clichés, we need substance and we need that quickly.