Some Falcons fans need to be careful what they wish for


Long-time “true to Atlanta” Falcons fans can tell you the grass has never been greener and more than likely will never be greener when he is gone.

Of course, I am talking about Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. The 12th year quarterback is hands down the best quarterback and arguably the best player to ever put on the black and red. There are others in the discussion for the greatest Falcons player of all time, but Matt Ryan is in the discussion.

After a terrible week one loss to a very good Minnesota team, “fans” of Atlanta have expressed their displeasure with Matt Ryan, even going as far to wish for an injury, which is despicable.
Answer this question, who are you going to bring in that is better?

The answer is no one. There are only two quarterbacks better in the NFL at this moment than Matt Ryan and neither of them are available. Matter of fact, look at the top 10 quarterbacks across the league and none of them are available.

When you look at backups across the league or available free agents, none of them are better than Matt Ryan.

The complaints have been as nonsensical and comical as any ever uttered.

“His arm isn’t strong enough”

The average completed pass in the NFL is thrown just over six yards in the air while the average attempted pass is just over eight yards in the air. NFL quarterbacks do not attempt 60 yard throws enough for it to matter. Sure fans love the deep ball, but they are not attempted enough to use in an argument against Matt Ryan.

“He isn’t mobile enough”

Matt Ryan was never drafted to be a mobile quarterback. This is one of the most ridiculous arguments that is repeated on social media and fan message boards. Matt has shown repeatedly that when he needs to run he will and does a good job of picking up yards. Matt Ryan is also number two behind Phillip Rivers as the best quarterbacks throwing on the run.

“Throws too many interceptions”

There is no disputing that Matt Ryan has had some terrible throws in his career – every quarterback has, including any quarterback you think would be better in Atlanta. His first interception last week was atrocious when he tried to force it to Julio Jones.

When you look at his career overall, Matt has thrown an interception on just 2.2 percent of his attempts. To put that in perspective, Drew Brees interception percentage is 2.7 percent, Ben Roethlisberger is at 2.6 percent, Philip Rivers is at 2.5 percent and Joe Flacco is at 2.4 percent.

Sure, things look bad after week one and Matt Ryan had a rough start to the game, but there isn’t anyone better to lead this franchise. Because of Matt Ryan, most of us still believe that all the goals this team had entering 2019 are still alive.

Matt is the franchise leader in every statistic quarterbacks are measured by and many of you seem to take that for granted while sitting on your rearend in your living room or the chair at the barbershop. It comes off as petty and uninformed and makes the entire fan base look ridiculous.

Matt may never win a Super Bowl before he retires, but no Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks have had to deal with the number of coordinators, terrible defenses and an awful offensive lines for most of their careers like Matt has.

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A lot more than yards and touchdowns go into the success of an NFL quarterback and those seem to be things that fans forget about while trashing the 2016 NFL MVP.