Matt Ryan is elite and far better than any alternative


Matt Ryan is far from perfect, but he is still better than the alternative around the league.

No one is making excuses for the start that Matt Ryan has had to the season. Sure the five the touchdowns are great, but the five interceptions leave a lot to be desired. However, when you put context to the first two games, Matt has been just fine.

The Falcons have arguably played two of the best three or four defenses in the NFL and no other quarterback can say that. Matt Ryan has had to do duck, dive, dodge, and dip two of the nastiest defensive lines the NFL has to offer.

Yet, despite the early difficulty of the schedule, Matt Ryan is still seventh in passing yards and fourth in touchdown passes. That is pretty damn good. No one is denying the interceptions are terrible, but roughly two or three of them are not his fault, but Monday morning quarterbacks and couch general managers want you to believe that he is.

Tuesday afternoon, Matt Ryan joined The Dan Patrick Show and said there were a lot of quarterbacks playing at a high level, and he is absolutely among them.

Through two games, Matt Ryan has thrown for 624 yards and five touchdowns. The last time he had at least 600 yards and five touchdowns in the first two games, yes, that would be 2016. The Falcons also started 2016 off 1-1 and we all know where Matt Ryan was able to lead the Falcons.

No one is saying Matt Ryan does not have room to improve, but he is not nearly as bad as some would make you think and he is definitely better than the alternative.

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After two weeks and Super Bowl-caliber teams are missing their quarterback for an extended period of the season, we should be thankful that Matt is still healthy and leading this team in the direction that he is.