Three reasons Matt Ryan is not to blame for the Falcons terrible start

Matt Ryan, Jake Matthews, Atlanta Falcons. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Matt Ryan, Jake Matthews, Atlanta Falcons. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /
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This is the most obvious of all. This coaching staff has been terrible. For two of the three games, this Atlanta Falcons football club has come out and looked uninspired, ill-prepared and lacked discipline. That is not on Matt Ryan.

Dan Quinn is spending so much time on his defense that both the defense and the overall team are suffering. Quinn has never been a very good in-game manager, but that has somehow gotten worse. Being both a defensive coordinator and a head coach are full-time jobs and require that type of attention.

If Dan Quinn isn’t capable of holding his staff accountable, it is time that he relinquishes one of his two hats so that this team can get back on track.

Dirk Koetter’s offense is worse than anything the Falcons had under Steve Sarkisian. This staff is loaded with decades of NFL experience and to have the garbage game plan’s that have no rhyme or reason is mind-blowing. Sark would never have featured Luke Stocker time and time again in the RedZone.

There is a difference between being creative, catching your opponent off guard and getting your proven playmakers the ball and Koetter are failing in all three areas.

Despite what some fans may say, Matt Ryan does not have a limited skillset and Koetter needs to allow Matt to have more flexibility in this offense than he seemingly has.

If this team did not have any of the above issues and the team’s poor start was squarely on Matt Ryan, then the blame would be fair. However, there are a lot of other issues that Matt Ryan is not responsible for and put it squarely on him because of his contract or position is absolutely ridiculous.

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Can he get better? Of course. Does he need to get better? Of course. But Matt Ryan’s ability and his arm are the reason the Falcons have not suffered two terrible blowouts.