Matt Ryan should not have to be perfect for the Falcons to win


Matt Ryan is not a mobile quarterback in any sense of the word; never has been and never will be. However, the growing number of people claiming that is why he should be replaced is one of the dumbest reasons to date.

With all the issues that the Atlanta Falcons have, Matt Ryan is not one of them and any knowledgeable and sensible football understanding person gets this. However, there seems to be a growing number of individuals that seem to think that Matt Ryan’s worth is plummeting because he is not “mobile”.

Matt Ryan is one of the best in the league at climbing the pocket and keeping his eyes downfield. A big issue he has is holding onto the ball too long at times giving his offensive line more credit than they deserve.

We have seen plenty of times where Matt Ryan has used his legs to pick up chunks of yards because it is never expected.

Looking across the league at all the mobile quarterbacks, how many Super Bowl do they have between them? At most, you can say that mobile quarterbacks have three going all the way back to the 1994 season. Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson.

Please explain how Matt Ryan being more mobile all the sudden make the Falcons better when that has nothing to do with play-calling, tackling, blocking, coaching or discipline. No one can because it is just another nonsensical reason people hate on Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan has to be perfect just to give the Atlanta Falcons a chance to win and no quarterback should have to have that type of stress and unrealistic pressure on them week in and week out. Quarterbacks are going to have good days and bad days like everyone else.

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The ridiculous part is no matter what Matt Ryan does, someone will find something to complain about and if he gives them nothing, there are those that will simply make up things like “he isn’t mobile enough to win in this league”.

The grass is not always greener and as Falcons fans we will learn how true this is sooner than later.