The Atlanta Falcons have a lot to offer the right head coach

With the Atlanta Falcons beginning the season 1-3, and the team just not looking any good, a lot of fans are adamant that a new head coach will probably be in Atlanta sooner, rather than later.

We all know the names being mentioned as potential candidates as the next Atlanta Falcons head coach, but there will be quite a few open jobs. So the question we answer here is, what should intrigue these potential candidates about coming to Atlanta? What could set us apart?

Atlanta quite frankly has to get this hire right – if they choose to move on from Dan Quinn.

Every offseason we see multiple teams looking for a new head coach and some hires suffer early on due to some of the things that the Atlanta Falcons actually have going for them, so let’s take a look shall we:


Players under contract long term:

One thing I’ll give Thomas Dimitroff is that he has done an excellent job at keeping the “GOOD” players in Atlanta, and because of that, whatever new guy that is brought in to be the coach, with possibly a new general manager, there WILL be some players that are under contract that these head coaching candidates will see as a huge plus; for example:

Jake Matthews, Julio Jones, Deion Jones, Kaleb McGary, Chris Lindstrom, and Matt Ryan are all under contract until 2024. That’s your franchise left tackle, star wide receiver, your defensive signal-caller, two young pieces for the offensive line, and of course, a veteran quarterback. A lot of head coaches do not have this luxury when taking on a new team, but that isn’t all..

Grady Jarrett, Desmond Trufant, Calvin Ridley, Devonta Freeman are all under contract until 2023. The jury is still out on Freeman and if he’s going to regain form, but Grady is turning into one of the premier defensive tackles in the league, Desmond Trufant is a valuable number 1 corner, and Calvin Ridley is a heck of a receiver who’s in his second season.

So the point here is, the pieces were leftover from Dan Quinn and probably Thomas Dimitroff will probably be a nice factor, and it would probably shoot Atlanta to the top of the list to these potential coaches who will have multiple interviews with multiple teams.


Let’s be straight forward here; Atlanta Falcons football doesn’t really have a legacy. There’s been no coach that should be mentioned with the likes of Lombardi, Belichick, Shula, Walsh, etc. Dan Quinn and Mike Smith got Atlanta just as far as just about any coach they’ve ever had, and have no championship to show for it.

Whoever takes over, has the obvious chance to bring a ring to this city and be forever cemented as an Atlanta sports icon.


Arthur Blank:

This may be biased, but Arthur Blank is one of the best owners in all of the sports. He lets his coach and general manager run the team and he stands back and that isn’t the same for some teams. He helped bring one of the best stadiums in all of the sports to Atlanta and he sincerely LOVES this city.

He will continue to give whatever is at his disposal, to provide this city with a super bowl. Unfortunately, I think many of us believe that even with that notion, Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff are unable to do that.


If you look at other teams who may be searching for a head coach, Atlanta could very well be at the top of the list. Matt Ryan is older now, so that coach could even start looking for – and grooming HIS quarterback to take over for Ryan when his time is up. But the former brass to this new head coach would have left some very talented players, under contract, for quite some time.

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The new head coach will have his chance to truly cement a legacy with a city in desperate need of a championship, and he’d be able to work with one of the best owners in all of the sports. All in all, it should be a very highly sought after job, and Atlanta should have their pick among the candidates.

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