Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn just doesn’t get it


Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn just doesn’t get it. And that’s fine, right? After back to back 1-3 starts, you shouldn’t expect him to.

The only consistent thing between the Atlanta Falcons this year and last year is a season-ending injury suffered by Keanu Neal, and oh yeah, he’s still the head coach. He changed offensive coordinators, special teams, took on the defensive play calling.

But the results are the same. And in the words of former President Harry Truman: “The buck stops here.” Or in this case, with Quinn.

Here’s why he doesn’t get it. At his press conference on Wednesday, Quinn was asked very bluntly, “How do you feel about your job security?” It’s around the 1:48 mark of this video.

And in typical Quinn fashion, call it eternal optimism or at this point, annoying, he said he’s just focused on how the team improves. He then answers the question with four questions of his own.

How the team gets better, improves, tweak this and that, feature guys, you know the drill. Here’s the problem. He doesn’t seem to have the answers to those questions himself and if he does, now’s a darn good time to bring them out.

In fact, two weeks ago would’ve worked but we’re here now. Quinn also doesn’t seem to get, if you don’t find answers to those questions, well you won’t have a job, in Atlanta at least, where you can ponder them.

Atlanta Falcons
He then ends by saying, I’ve always coached to win. Ah yes, letting opponents convert more than half the time on third down, giving up nearly 25 points a game. That’s a winning formula. /

And the turnover margin? Not in their favor in either. So where are the winning points? Missed tackles? By the way, it’s week five of the NFL season and the team is spending time working on how to tackle.

These are professionals here!

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But at least the question has been asked. And if Quinn wanted to deny it before or now, he has to know, he’s coaching for his job. If the rest of the season turns out anywhere near how last years did, he’ll be out of one.