Atlanta Falcons versus Texans predictions


The last time the Atlanta Falcons played a game in Houston, it turned into the most embarrassing moment in the history of a mediocre franchise.

The Atlanta Falcons have to face one of the best young quarterbacks in the game in Deshaun Watson and the secondary that has been terrible in the first four games has to face the second-best receiver in the league, DeAndre Hopkins.

How does the game go, the writers at Blogging Dirty look ahead.

Jeff Benedict – Site Expert

Starting 1-3 it would be easy to say this is a loss for the Atlanta Falcons. However, this is a back against the wall type of game for the Falcons and I believe they come out swinging.

Yes, Deshaun Watson is great, he and Nuk Hopkins might be the best QB/WR pair in the NFL, but I have to believe that Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones will have the defense ready to play and that they will rise up to the challenge.

Dirk Koetter has spent all week talking about what he has screwed up and how not giving the run game a chance or involving Calvin Ridley enough and I think he will make a concerted effort to do both of those things this week.

Austin Hooper is a matchup nightmare and I think we see him have a monster game in the middle of the Texans defense.

  • Falcons – 42
  • Texans – 31

Joe Beasley – Contributor

The Texans offensive line has allowed DeShaun Watson to be sacked 18 times in four games. If the Falcons coaching staff can’t come up with a plan to get to him, they deserve to get fired. Their secondary isn’t the best neither but once again it all comes down to the calling the right plays and coaching.

We know Grady Jarrett is gonna show up and here’s hoping the rest of the team does too. The Falcons will take this one but it’s gonna be too close for comfort.

  • Falcons – 27
  • Texans – 24

Matthew Summers – Contributor

With two explosive but struggling offenses, it may come down to who has the better defense. After a bad loss to Carolina last week, the Falcons defense has to face a hungry Deshaun Watson, who has been looking forward to this game for a long time. Add that in with the explosiveness of DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller, I just cannot see the Falcons secondary being able to stop them.

Unfortunately, I see Houston coming out on top in this one.

  • Falcons – 20
  • Texans – 35

Ross Terrell – Contributor

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Falcons will win this one.  They make their first trip to Houston since Super Bowl 51 with their season on the line. It’s almost too storybook to workout for an Atlanta team.

We will learn a lot about the state of the Brotherhood come Sunday. Despite career days by Deandre Hopkins and Deshaun Watson, the Falcons offense gets on track and the defense does just enough to win. Falcons in a shootout.

  • Falcons – 38
  • Houston – 35

Ethan Johnson – Contributor

I think the Houston Texans beat the Atlanta Falcons behind the arm of Deshaun Watson and the hands of Deandre Hopkins. The Atlanta Falcons have looked awful in every game this season and show no signs of getting better. They leave receivers wide open and can’t get any pressure on the quarterback.

The offense has underachieved and the run game is non-existent. The team is unprepared and undisciplined and the Texans will be mad after losing 16-10 last week to the Carolina Panthers.

  • Falcons – 17
  • Texans – 31

Matt Siegmen – Contributor

With an ugly loss at home against the Titans last week, expect the Texans game to be even worse. All game the announcers will be talking about Super Bowl 51 because the Falcons will be returning to the scene of the crime in Houston.

After a disappointing performance against the Panthers expect Watson to have an incredible game. He stayed late after the game working on things he needs to correct. Watson will have a 300-yard passing game with four passing touchdowns along with two rushing touchdowns.

Next. Zero chance Falcons fire Quinn during the season. dark

The Texans have one of the worst offensive lines in the league and give up a lot of sacks. So naturally, expect the Falcons to have zero sacks on Sunday.

  • Falcons – 6
  • Texans – 45