Atlanta Falcons good, bad and ugly from Texans loss

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The Atlanta Falcons started off fast on Sunday afternoon in Houston, but lose to the Houston Texans and fall to a disappointing 1-4.

We all know what the expectations for the Atlanta Falcons were coming into 2019, so there is no point in rehashing those as they simply are not viable at this point. We also knew that the Falcons had one of the toughest schedules in the NFL despite going 7-9 in 2018.

When you mix in the terrible coaching, execution and the lack of attention to details, the 1-4 start is the best-case scenario.

Atlanta native Deshaun Watson looked comfortable all afternoon in the pocket as the Falcons were unable to generate any type of real pressure on the third-year quarterback out of Clemson.

The Falcons game plan was to clearly keep all worldwide receiver DeAndre Hopkins from beating them Sunday, and they were successful. The problem was no one accounted for Will Fuller who had a career day in targets, catches, yards and touchdowns.

For just the third time in Texans history, they put up more than 500 yards of total offense while averaging nearly nine yards per play.

Fans can continue to blame Matt Ryan, but when your defense is this bad, there is nothing that Matt Ryan and the offense can do when your defense is giving up chunk plays and points every time they are on the field.

There was definitely some good, bad and ugly from the Falcons today on both sides of the ball. We all need some positivity in our life, let’s start there.