Trading a fan favorite will help the Atlanta Falcons improve immediately

Mohamed Sanu has been a glue guy for the Atlanta Falcons ever since he joined the team in 2016. He’s been consistent day and day and for sure he has become a favorite for the fans.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta Falcons have started this season 1-4 and have issues all over the field. Desperate times call for desperate measure and in this case, it might be time to see what they can get for the savvy vet.

Trent Williams is in Washington just letting all that talent go to waste and the offensive line is still a glaring issue for the Falcons. The team should see if they can pry away the All-Pro from the Redskins with a package that includes Sanu and possibly a second-round pick.

The Redskins need draft picks as they are in rebuild mode and getting rid of a disgruntled employee would ease some of the issues in the locker room. In addition, adding a veteran like Sanu to a rookie quarterback like Dwayne Haskins would be a big help in his development.

The offensive line has been a big issue for most of the last decade. Added a guy like Williams at left tackle, allows the Falcons to move Jake Matthews to right tackle, they can move Kaleb McGary to guard and then Chris Lindstrom will be the heir apparent to Alex Mack.

Coming out of Boston College, many had Lindstrom as either a guard or center and McGary coming out of Washington was a fit for guard or tackle.

A move like this immediately the Falcons better upfront as well as in the future.

Another trade the Atlanta Falcons could use Mohamed Sanu for would be to add a veteran piece to the secondary.

The Falcons secondary has been getting fried all season by all comers. With the injury to Keanu Neal and the field day that Will Fuller had this Sunday, the team needs to look for anybody that can help them at this point.

Baltimore needs to get Lamar Jackson all the help he can get. Yes, he has the speedster Marquise “Hollywood” Brown on the team, but sure-handed Sanu would help the developing quarterback tremendously.

Baltimore has talent all over their secondary so maybe they would be able to part ways with one of those players particularly Brandon Carr. Yes, he is getting up there in age at 33 years old but his experience could help the team out in some capacity especially since he’s been dependable for the Ravens and throughout his career and he doesn’t come with a super expensive price tag.

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Fans would hate for something like this to happen but in order to for things to get better, sometimes you have to part ways with certain things in order to get better and Sanu could be an unfortunate causality to make that happen and for the Falcons to get some real value in return.