Players the Atlanta Falcons can trade, should trade and will not trade

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The Atlanta Falcons have underwhelmed from every aspect during their 1-4 start to the 2019 NFL season. Teams headed in the direction that the Falcons are, usually become sellers to stockpile picks for the future.

No one knows whether the Atlanta Falcons will be buyers or sellers as the trade deadline nears. The assumption is that, if anything, they will be sellers unless something drastic changes over the next couple of games before the October 29th trade deadline.

The Falcons have several guys that could be intriguing for teams to bring in for many reasons, whether its veteran leadership or depth that a team is looking for to make a playoff run.

While many teams across the NFL are looking to get better and win now, the Atlanta Falcons have to think about the future and how they can get better moving forward and not waste the rest of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones‘s careers.

When you look across the Atlanta Falcons roster, it is a mixture of terrible contracts, elite young talent, and of course a couple hall of fame players. By-and-large, the majority of the roster can be turned over and the Falcons would be just fine.

However, there are five players currently on this roster that are untouchable. Yes, these players would bring the highest return in regards to draft picks and veteran pieces, but these five guys are the pillars that the Falcons have to rebuild around if they are going to win a Super Bowl in the next couple of years.

As the Chiefs and Rams have shown, young pieces mixed with a veteran presence that is led by high-level coaching can win in this league.