Players the Atlanta Falcons can trade, should trade and will not trade

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To say the Atlanta Falcons offense has underachieved in 2019 would be a grave understatement. Matt Ryan was uncharacteristically bad to start the season from a turnover standpoint, but he has done all that he could to keep the Falcons in games – especially his second-half production.

When you look at the Atlanta Falcons offense, there are three players that are simply untouchable because of how much they mean to the success of this franchise.

Matt Ryan

It is still baffling how and/or why Matt Ryan is a hot button topic in Atlanta. There is not another fan base in football that is fractured in regards to how the quarterback is thought of. If Matt was leading any other franchise in the league, the sentiment among the fan base would be, why we are wasting his talent.

Instead, the vocal sentiment around Matt Ryan is we need to trade him for some “mobile quarterback that is more exciting”. There is not a worse take in sports to be had than this. Look over the last 40 years in the NFL and only three “mobile quarterbacks” have won championships; Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson.

None of them led a team to more than one.

Julio Jones

The other hall of fame player on this roster with Matt Ryan. Many teams would take Julio Jones right now and pay him the $20 plus million that he earns. Regardless of touchdown production, Julio is the best in the league, is in the middle of his prime and makes everyone in the wide receiver group better.

Austin Hooper

The fourth-year tight end has steadily risen each year he has been in the league. If Austin Hooper continues his current pace, he will arguably be the best tight end in the NFC and among those in the league altogether.

Along with Matt and Julio, Austin Hooper is who you build around to win, not trade to accumulate picks.